UPRISERS Behind the Design

Apr 13, 2021Christine Kim

What is the inspiration and meaning behind our core designs?

We're here to take you on a 4 part series.





Ya'll know we love our flower graphics. Ever wonder why they're a huge part of the core UPRISERS identity? Similar to the growth of flowers, it's important when telling underrepresented stories to begin at the root and as we grow to figure out ways to rise and overcome adversity together. It symbolizes the diverse group of voices standing up together– literally starting from the ground up.



Our love for flowers and rooted in amplifying underrepresented stories, we are honored to partner with the Southern California Flower Market. We dropped their first ever collection highlighting the legacy of Japanese-American immigrants who started the flower market in 1912. Since then, the flower growers and farmers have provided beautiful florals for the community. The flower district is now an international epicenter of the floral industry.


Fun fact: The flower design is also rooted in founder Michelle K. Hanabusa's affinity for nature and flowers. Her love for florals must also be connected to the fact her last name Hanabusa translates to "house of flowers."






Middle Finger



We will not be silent. So share your story, take space, lift your voice. Our raised middle finger to the hate, this is our rebellion.


From the Naturalization Act in 1790 to the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, the incarceration of Japanese Americans in World War II, to the brutal murder of the Vincent Chin to the violence against Muslims and Sikhs after 9/11, and now the blatant, violent attacks on Asian elders, what we're witnessing is the continuation of racism against Asians in the US. It's about time we talk about the intersection of racism, sexism, misogyny and exploitation of immigrant workers. It's time the nation confronts its toxic habits. It's on us to call on an intervention.





When Michelle discovered Gidra, which was a revolutionary newspaper known as the "voice of the Asian American movement" started in 1969 by a group of Asian American students at UCLA, she was deeply inspired by what they stood for. She wanted UPRISERS to identify with the same attitude: (1) Our community demands to be seen, taken seriously and deserves equal representation (2) After setbacks and being silenced by the dominant voices of the industry, the middle finger gave her courage to rise up again – despite the adversaries of being a women of color in a male dominated streetwear scene. For the 3rd and final time, she began her journey with UPRISERS. The middle finger is here to stay. 








You know when a passing stranger randomly smiles at you, you naturally smile back? Smiles are contagious and exchanging one is code for good vibes Since day one, UPRISERS has been about creating spaces for communities to work together, learn, bring awareness and take action towards change. By connecting with another, we hope to spread positivity, encouragement and hope.

The smiley face represents our various collaborations with artists, musicians and activists. Back in the day, we held community events called Good Times. It's exactly what it sounds like: bringing together people from all walks of life to enjoy quality music, bomb food, fire fashion and good company all the while learning about various organizations they can support or participate in. Linking like-minded folks generates waves of influence.











We're at a pivotal moment in time where we're given the opportunity to share with one another our unique stories and have conversations at a global level. Wherever you're located in the world, your story matters and truly holds the power to provide nuanced perspectives, greater awareness and deeper connections to the collective whole. UPRISERS is rooted in connecting like-minded creative, leaders and doers to create change both locally and globally. 2021 is about rising up– silence is no longer an option. So, what's your story?