Roots Collection Anchored in Digging Deeper

Apr 21, 2021Christine Kim

We knew we had to do things a bit different. Introducing: Roots collection



Roots Collection: Bring Your Story to Light


With our mission of amplifying the stories of the underrepresented, we knew we had to highlight the voices of our community. The memories and experiences you hold are unique to you – there's so much power in that. It only seemed right that moving forward, we take a look back. Discovering our roots – heritage, generational narratives and family history – celebrates all things that unite us. In the process of understanding our roots, we fulfill a journey of self discovery – one that is important in telling and unraveling our own identity and personal stories.


Inspired by the core functionality of roots, our Roots collection reflects just that: retracing our history, our origin and our heritage becomes our source, blueprint and foundation that nourishes and influences who we are and who we will become.


It's our roots and we believe it's worth telling. So, bring your story to light. Share yours and be included in the array of stories we aim to bring together. We'll soon discover the experiences we carry are opportunities for interconnectedness with the collective whole.



We'd love to hear your story!! Here's how you can participate:

📸 : post and/or submit an old photo of you or someone who you believe embodies your story. (look for the hidden gems stored away in old shoe boxes or dust covered photo albums) ⁠⁠

📝 : Share with us the significance or memories behind the photo. ⁠⁠

🌐 : Tag us @weareuprisers + use the hashtag #WeAreUprisers⁠⁠ ⁠⁠

Show off those cooler-than-average old school photos. We want to feature you!! 🤩