In 1924 the US banned immigration from Asia and created limited numbers of immigrants permitted from other countries. By setting quotas based on the 1890 census the act strategically and legally prioritized immigrants from northern and western nations. These national origin quotas would continue until 1965. 


1924 is a time in history where it was blatantly written BY LAW — how to discriminate against communities of color.

We talk about discrimination, racism, key moments in history that are still affecting our communities today and the 1924 Immigration Act sent a CLEAR MESSAGE of who belonged and who wasn’t welcome in the United States.

We still feel this sentiment TODAY — 100 years later.


Launched on May 26, 2024 #WeAre1924 aims to capture 100 portraits of American immigration stories by November 16th 2024. As a lifestyle brand committed to building a more sustainable future we know how important it is to learn from our history so that we can build a better future. The 1924 Immigration Act took people and turned them into statistics and case numbers, robbing them of their identity and erasing the impact of immigrants on America’s development and culture. Through #WeAre1924, our exploration of our roots aims to give a voice to these untold stories of American history.

1924 changed OUR history, how will WE transform our future?

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DISCLAIMER: Your family did not have to journey to the US before 1924 to be included in this collection. We invite all American stories across generations and ethnicities to be a part of this library of American history.