UPRISERS 1924 Black T-Shirt

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As a lifestyle brand committed to building a more sustainable future we know how important it is to learn from our history so that we can build a better future. The 1924 Immigration Act took people and turned them into statistics and case numbers, robbing them of their identity and erasing the impact of immigrants on America’s development and culture.

On May 26th we launched #WeAre1924 - our '100 YEARS. 100 PORTRAITS' project that aims to capture 100 portraits of American immigration stories by November 16th 2024. Through #WeAre1924, our exploration of our roots aims to give a voice to these untold stories of American history.

Be a part of #WeAre1924 and share your story with us.


Shop the UPRISERS 1924 Black T-Shirt The front is screen printed with our 1924 graphic. The outer label quotes 'in 1924, the US banned immigration from Asia and limited from other countries.'

  • 7.5oz
  • 100% Cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Outer label is made from excess deadstock canvas material
  • Fit: Meant to be worn oversized. Comes in five sizes: S-XXL
  • Washing Suggestion: Hand wash cold and hang dry