UPRISERS partners with Changing Tides to offer FREE Mental Health Community Spaces this Summer

Jul 01, 2022UPRS Team

Changing Tides Cafe – let’s hold space for mental health conversations in our AAPI community. 

While we readily show up for others, we often overlook reciprocating the same care to ourselves. And we’re here to gently nudge you: it’s okay to give yourself permission to be there for you, just how you’re there for others. Prioritize your mental well-being – we’re holding space for you throughout the series.
What are you up to this Saturday? There’s nothing like showing up for your well-being and community. Join us for Changing Tides Cafe, a free five-week online discussion series on mental health happening every Saturday from July 30 to August 27 at 10 -11:30am PST

We’re continuing our teamwork with our friends at Changing Tides, first having been Ripple Effect: Walk for Suicide Prevention, to hold space and expand discussions on mental health for our community. And huge thanks to you, the 350 walking participants and all supporters, we were able to raise over $102,000 to support mental health and suicide prevention in the AAPI community. 

Changing Tides Cafe is a step further towards mental awareness and destigmatizing the narrative mental health, nourishing opportunities to share our stories and seek the proper support. 


Meet the facilitators:

  1.  Alan Hino @alan_t_hino
  2. Courtlyn Shimada @courtlyn_shimada
  3. Katie Mitani @katiemitani
  4.  Lauryn Alejo @laurynalejo
  5. Linh Vo @linhhvoo
  6. Matthew Yonemura@m_yonemura
  7. Yua Watanabe @yuawatanabe
  8. Ty Tanioka @tytanioka


As we ask ourselves ways we can challenge ourselves towards growth and inspire others around us, especially in such a month as Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, this is our step in championing for you, our community.