Tway x UPRISERS | Tway’s Family Dinner Zine


Tway is a forward-thinking and effortlessly relatable chef and content creator. As a Vietnamese American, her roots allowed her to propel an unparalleled groundbreaking intersection: flavors of Vietnamese cuisine blend with western techniques. Her must-try recipes have a charming effect – your taste buds beg for more while your heart is full from the shared memories and genuine connections. We keep coming back for the personable content!

UPRISERS collaboration with Tway expands on our core value to uplift and amplify underrepresented stories. It's deeper than just her can't-get-enough recipes, it's also elevating her unapologetically unique story. Included in the never-before-seen zine is Tway's family inspired recipes – this is what we call authentically original.


Shop the exclusive Tway’s Family Dinner Zine. From a small beach town (Vũng Tàu) in Vietnam, to following her passion-driven dreams to pursue cooking by her own rules, and now garnering genuine connections through her East-meets-West recipes, Tway shared eight of her favorite recipes with stories behind each dish. "Don't be afraid of the bold flavors in your culture. Don't water it down. Be true to you." —TWAY ⁠⁠

  • Soft Cover