UPRISERS x Suehiro Ltd Edition Upcycled Mini Tote


The UPRISERS x Suehiro Collaboration is an exploration of cultural preservation and sustainability as we continue to reimagine the fashion industry. More than just extending the life cycle of our goods and reducing waste, the UPRS 2.0 upcycling pieces created from the Suehiro Cafe noren (traditional Japanese entranceway curtain) and Suehiro branded aprons have taken recovered historical artifacts and transformed them into wearable history.

About the UPRISERS x Suehiro Ltd Edition Upcycled Mini Tote.

  • Total of Six Mini Totes Available
  • Reconstructed in Los Angeles using 3-4 Suehiro aprons
  • Inside of Mini Tote contains at least one inside pocket with hardware clip
  • Each Mini Tote varies in Colors, Placements of Pockets due to the nature of Upcycling
  • Inner label is made from recycled yarn
  • Outer label is made from excess deadstock canvas material


The UPRISERS x Suehiro collaboration is truly a first of its kind — as we went along this 4 month journey it became clearer and clearer how archival pieces of art were becoming a statement about the significance of our community spaces.

Because of the rich history they represent, and the labor of love we poured into producing these 1 of 1 pieces, at this time we have come to the decision that these cultural artifacts are NOT for sale (for now). Why? We are seeking our community’s feedback on how we can best honor these pieces and want YOUR input first before deciding where these pieces will find it’s next home. CLICK HERE TO SHARE.

UPRISERS x Suehiro

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