Gidra Sisterhood of 1969




In 1969, some students at UCLA created a publication called 'Gidra' to provide their peers a space to explore their identity, address community issues and give hope for the future. Their goal was to feature issues that were important to them that were not covered by mainstream media. From 1969 to 1974, monthly issues of Gidra included poetry and art as well as news and opinion.

The Gidra Sisterhood's iconic photo, featuring raised middle fingers, symbolized defiance and the fight for change. Evelyn Yoshimura, a Gidra founding member, challenged stereotypes and defended Little Tokyo against gentrification.

Inspired by Gidra, Michelle meets co-founder Mike Murase in Little Tokyo to learn about the 60s and 70s activism and ongoing community work, seeking guidance for personal growth and contribution. Gidra's legacy continues through UPRISERS, embodying the spirit of resistance. 5% of Gidra's profits support KOSUMOSU, a program of LTSC, a transitional facility for survivors of domestic violence. They provide consultation to get housing, counseling, and life skills to provide future success. 

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