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TEE2.0! is a collaboration between UPRISERS and Rewilder, a sustainable design company that revives the obsolete into one-of-a-kind objects. Together, we’re phasing out waste by upcycling old tees in a new fashion.

Why are we doing this? 

Each year, the world produces 100 billion pieces of clothing, but 33% of that is tossed the very same year. The average American throws away 82 pounds of clothing every year, and the EPA estimates that textiles take up 5% of our landfill space.

Landfills create toxic conditions, and are consistently located next to minority neighborhoods. This pattern of placement disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable communities.

How many unwanted (but perfectly wearable) tees have you donated in your lifetime?

The bad news:

only 10% of donated clothing actually gets resold. If your tees weren’t landfilled, they were likely shipped off to developing countries.

The good news:

this ongoing partnership between UPRISERS and Rewilder will save unwanted tees, and reimagine them for you and the planet. Upcycling these tees has an astounding environmental impact: every ton of cotton tees (~6000 shirts!) reused instead of landfilled saves 13.2 tons of CO2.

Every TEE2.0! is pieced together entirely out of three unwanted tees, saving 13.2 pounds of CO2 (equivalent to walking instead of driving from the Santa Monica pier to Staples Center!) The process is labor-intensive, requiring a collective effort to gather old tees, take them apart, and re-piece them into a new form.

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