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UPRISERS is a community-driven streetwear brand dedicated to amplifying impactful and authentic stories of activists, trendsetters and warriors of change to mobilize and transform our communities. 


We’re no ordinary streetwear brand. We’re rebels with a mission. Inspired by the pioneering voices of our community, our dynamic designs encourage a we-give-a-sh*t message. Our collections embody the perfect intersection of forward-thinking streetwear and unapologetic activism.  

We believe having a platform comes with a responsibility: speak up for what you believe in. We prioritize asking the hard questions, listening to trusted voices and sharing essential resources to grow together. We aim to raise the collective standard and inspire a better world. 

Delivering on the core of who we are, we’ve fueled campaigns such as #HATEISAVIRUS, a global movement to combat the increased racism and xenophobia during the pandemic; #MagandangMorenx, coined by trendsetter Asia Jackson dedicated to challenging traditional beauty standards and colorism; #SomebodysBeloved with recording artist MILCK focused on healing and building power around justice; and the 2020 Census, activated underrepresented communities to participate. 


UPRISERS was founded by Creative Director Michelle K. Hanabusa, a fourth-generation Japanese American. Michelle amassed an impressive resume in the fashion + design industry prior to UPRISERS. While working in corporate, she noticed a disconnect between the consumer and the company. Inspired by the origins of streetwear culture and its ability to connect people through creative mediums, she made her own. Always the trailblazer, Michelle is celebrated for her charismatic approach in leading collaborative projects with diverse, like-minded folks– ultimately inspiring valuable and intentional conversations. 

More about our Founder + CD

“As early as I could remember, I knew what I wanted and didn’t shy away from the opportunity to share it. Fourteen years of competitive figure skating and one focused mission to compete at the Olympics was taken away after a career ending injury. It took not only my dream but also the avenue in which I dreamt of sharing who I was with the world. I spent my early 20’s searching for my identity. 2016 was the start of that journey of self-discovery. After a nationwide social campaign, which celebrated diverse voices and backgrounds, garnered over 3 million impressions in one day, it was an eye-opening experience of multiculturalism. This was the beginning of UPRISERS.


What you wear is what you represent. Being an Upriser means rising up for issues bigger than yourself. 2020 has shown us the amount of work there is left to do. Embodying the UPRISERS spirit means rising up, uniting and using your strengths to positively contribute to the world. It’s about starting from the bottom up, allowing our community to speak up for transformation and fighting for the change we want to see. It goes beyond a brand with a good design. We’ve seen in the last year, progress happens when we come together.”

2020 Reflections

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We value our relationships above all else. Every design and collection is with the intention of directly supporting and uplifting our UPRISERS community– from you, our team, collaborators and vendors. 


We believe in establishing genuine, non-transactional relationships with our partnerships and our community who continually inspire us. Whether you’re an activist, trendsetter or warrior of change, you are part of our community. 

Giving Back

In all the work that we do, we strive to always support and offer value to our community. We stay committed to our giving back model: donating a percentage of our net profits to the organizations aligned with our values. From our partnership with musician MILCK, which we donate 100% net profits from the Somebody's Beloved Collection to the Somebody's Beloved Fund, to our work with #HATEISAVIRUS giving back 100% net profits, and the ongoing creative partnership with Asia Jackson and #MagandangMorenx, we work year round to make it all happen. 


As a brand we embrace our own version of what growth looks like; we challenge the trendy-shortcut road to success. Instead, we choose to prioritize genuine partnerships and sustainable growth. We remain committed to our giving back model to service specific needs and goals. The difference in % is always mutually agreed upon per collection, per organization.

Learn more about our specific collections that give back here.

We are beyond grateful for your support, especially during these tough times. We are a small team wearing multiple hats everyday. We do this because we are passionate about every single person, brand, or organization we work with. You are the reason why we keep going. So thank you for continuing to support us!

<3 the Uprisers fam

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