Our Story


UPRISERS is a premium streetwear brand rooted in telling stories of the underrepresented.


Here at UPRISERS, streetwear with a purpose is in our DNA. Our capsule collections are centered around releasing impactful messages geared towards raising awareness and sparking curiosity.

But our work doesn't start here.

We hope our collections inspire you to nurture those curiosities and have conversations across the intersection of social + environmental justice, mental health and equality. By sharing and providing opportunities to access resources and workshops, we're here to help discover your purpose and activate in your own unique, creative, extraordinary way.

​​We've fueled campaigns like Hate Is A Virus, Somebody's Beloved with singer-songwriter MILCK, Reimagine Everything with artist and activist Hollis Wong-Wear, #MagandangMorenx with actress and activist Asia Jackson, and so much more.


UPRISERS was founded by Creative Director Michelle K. Hanabusa, a fourth-generation Japanese-Okinawan American. Inspired by the origins of streetwear culture and its ability to connect people through creative mediums, she took a chance, quit her 9-5 job, and went on a wild journey of self discovery and understanding her roots before starting UPRISERS.

More about our Founder + CD

“Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m a fourth generation Japanese-Okinawan American. From childhood experiences and witnessing racism to my earlier career of working in corporate structures in fashion and music, 2016 was the start of self-discovery and finding ways I can use skills I’ve developed in fashion and design for something bigger than myself.

After a nationwide social campaign, which celebrated diverse voices and stories around the US, we garnered over 3 million organic impressions via one tee design — an eye-opening experience of multiculturalism. This was the beginning of UPRISERS.

By creating a safe space for the UPRISERS community, I hope we can continue to rise up together no matter where you are in your journey to advocate for change. We've seen progress happen when we come together.”

Roots Story: The Most Personal is the Most Powerful

6 Actions to Take for the Long Haul

We are beyond grateful for your support, especially during these tough times. We are a small team wearing multiple hats everyday. We do this because we are passionate about every individual, brand, or organization we work with. You are the reason why we keep going. So thank you for continuing to support us!

<3 the Uprisers fam + Michelle's Grandma (pictured below)