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UPRISERS is a Los Angeles based community-driven clothing brand.

Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Michelle K. Hanabusa, brings a diverse group of like-minded individuals who use fashion, design, and music backgrounds to connect and celebrate a community of creatives, leaders, and doers.

UPRISERS is a community-driven streetwear brand focused on story-telling for activists, trendsetters, and warriors of change. We collaborate with like-minded individuals & global organizations to give voice to the underrepresented. A percentage of our sales from our collaborations go back to different organizations.

Why The Middle Finger?

It stems from the iconic photo of the Gidra Sisterhood. They were the first Asian American publication created by young men and women who stood for AAPI representation at a time when their immigrant families were too scared to speak up. Gidra is now known to be the pioneers and “The Voice of the Asian American Movement.” This has instilled the core DNA of UPRISERS. The middle finger is more than just a rebellious symbol. It represents the need for change.

Thank you Asian Hustle Network for Spotlighting WEAREUPRISERS
Video edited by: Jimmy Uy of Amare Media  |  Creative footage by: Saúl López  |  Photos by:Reinhardt Kenneth + Leo Youlagi


UPRISERS understands what it means to be in a community and what it takes to build one. Although we are an e-commerce brand, you can find us partaking in various viral movements, community gatherings, pop-ups in different cities, or hosting our own events.

The vision for UPRISERS goes far beyond apparel. Through working on projects with other like-minded businesses and creatives, we have been building Uprisers.World. When we put our current team’s strength together, we turn into a full force creative studio that provides a full package. With Uprisers.World our community has access to design + merchandise, event production, content creation, digital marketing, and more. Message us to find out about our services. 

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