UPRISERS is a Los Angeles based community-driven clothing brand.

Founder and Designer, Michelle K. Hanabusa, brings a diverse group of like-minded individuals who use fashion, design, and music backgrounds to connect and celebrate a community of creatives, leaders, and doers.

UPRISERS engage with local and international organizations and individuals to share a story. To give voice to what we feel is underrepresented.

On April, 2019 — Michelle re-emerged with what is UPRISERS today. This photo of the Gidra Sisterhood sparked something that gave her the courage to “rise up” again. They were activists in the 60’s and are now known as the “Voice of the Asian American Movement”. They were the face of opposition towards a society that oppressed them.


UPRISERS understands what it means to be in a community and what it takes to build one.Although we are an e-commerce brand, you can find us at various community gatherings, pop-ups in different cities, or hosting our own events.

In a digital world we place value on connecting and engaging with YOU.The UPRISERS team are inspired by you. Let’s inspire change and create something bigger than ourselves.The future is now. WE ARE UPRISERS. 

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