Asia Jackson | MORENX x UPRISERS Vinyl Tote

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"I created the viral global movement #MagandangMorenx to combat colorism and celebrate the diversity of Filipino beauty. It is my passion and purpose to dedicate my work to the visibility and representation of marginalized people. 

My collaboration with Uprisers was to create a capsule collection and zine based on the messaging of my purpose. It's okay to be different. There is beauty in all shades. No one can tell us who we they think we should be. No one can tell us who we are." —Asia Jackson, @aasian.

Shop the exclusive Asia Jackson 'MORENX x UPRISERS' Vinyl Tote. Tote has a classic oversized cut with long carrying handles and a large graphic on the front.

  • Sustainable: made-to-order in USA
  • 15.5"W x 11.5"H x 1"D
  • Clear gloss vinyl
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