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100% Goes To BLM


Asia Jackson

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 Hello World,

"As many of you who are familiar with our brand know, Noledge Productions has been a young production company that has clawed its way as one of the main players in the industry. It’s been a long journey, yet at the same time we feel like we have just barely scratched the surface. 

We’ve been catapulted into situations that has taught us many lessons, sharpened our creativity, and empowered us to seize new opportunities that keep us humble. We invested. We stayed patient. We were blessed to partner with some of the biggest names in various industries. 

We’ve been quietly adjusting our aesthetic and rigorously pursuing new projects to figure out who we are and what we do best. With confidence, we are proud to announce that we feel it is time for us to make some noise and share some of the stories that have been brewing in our mind for the past couple years. 

So what’s next for us?

Noledge will aggressively pursue the creation of our own original content in 2020. Our team has partnered with Uprisers to develop limited hoodies that represents the spirit of our team. We were intentional with the quality of this hoody and we wanted to give you something more than our logo smacked on a plain hoody. This hoody represents our willingness to elevate and do better as a team each and every day. 

The profits from this campaign will help us reach our goal in order to fund our original content initiative. We have already taken a deep dive in pre-production for our first short film that we plan to release around Christmas this year. Noledge has been self-funded for years and we intentionally went through this experience in order to allow ourselves to see what we are capable of. 

We are investing in new equipment that will allow us to enhance our story-telling. We are building a bigger team of talented writers, designers, and filmmakers that will allow us to create content with substance on a regular basis. We want to share stories, shed light on situations that are going on in the world, and develop relationships with you, our viewers. 

We hope to make you laugh, smile, cry, and reflect. We aim to inspire you and inspire our fellow creatives to keep shooting for opportunities that are bigger and better. We understand the importance of developing minds and if we are truly transparent with you we will always have this fear that we aren’t ready. This is common in a lot of people, unless you’re Kobe Bryant, but this is why we try and exercise our fearlessness each and every day for each and every project." — More Knowledge | Less Fear

Shop the exclusive Noledge 'NOLEDGE x UPRISERS' Hoodie. This heavyweight fleece has an amazing loft hand-feel with a DTM round draw cord with knotted end and metal eyelets. The exclusive Noledge graphic has 3M 'reflective' print on the upper center chest, front pocket, and a detailed illustrated art on the back.

  • Heavy-weight 10oz
  • 70% cotton 30% poly
  • Under 5% shrinkage
  • Illustration by BadBoyPapi  

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