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"I created the viral global movement #MagandangMorenx to combat colorism and celebrate the diversity of Filipino beauty. It is my passion and purpose to dedicate my work to the visibility and representation of marginalized people. 

My collaboration with Uprisers was to create a capsule collection and zine based on the messaging of my purpose. It's okay to be different. There is beauty in all shades. No one can tell us who we they think we should be. No one can tell us who we are." —Asia Jackson, @aasian.

Shop the exclusive Asia Jackson 'MORENX x UPRISERS' Dumpling Pouch. This pouch has depth and a tapered figured with colored webbed loop, top zip, and graphic on the front.

  • Sustainable: made-to-order in USA
  • 7.75"W x 6"H x 3"D
  • Clear gloss vinyl
  • $4.00

    Due to a higher percentage of our customers who end up throwing out the waistband drawstring, we wanted to reduce our environmental waste and only include it if our customers requested it.

    Please add this to the cart so we can add a drawstring to your sweat pants.

    We know you care about social justice and making sure REAL change is happening in our communities and at large. We care too; it's within our core DNA of UPRISERS' mission. Join us as we continue push boundaries, affect change, and seek for a better and brighter future. Let's keep fighting the good fight, Uprisers.
    UPRISERS Medium Reusable Tote
    $18.00 $26.00

    5% net profits will go back to KOSUMOSU: a program of LTSC (Little Tokyo Service Center) which started in 2003. This is a transitional facility for survivors of domestic violence. They provide consultation to get housing, counseling, and life skills to provide future success. 

    Shop the exclusive UPRISERS Gidra Reusable Tote bag. Lightweight and strong with an interior pocket, this tote folds into itself to be transported easily.

  • 100% ringspun nylong
  • MEDIUM: 20x26x5"
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