Why Uprisers.World Watering Can was at Apple Music Team Bonding

by UPRS Team

To nurture our communities with positive encouragement of course! Watering cans symbolize nourishing plants, we can do the same for our community.

Grab the Uprisers.World Watering Can. Choose your fave markers. Indulge in stickers galore. This is the UPRISERS paint party with Apple Music. 

We got together with our friends at Apple Music for some arts and crafts. But of course, with UPRISERS in the mix, we showed up with intention. Because this event was for the Apple Music team to create connections and underpin inclusion, we brainstormed ways for a creative, fun but vibey activity for everyone. The verdict? Uprisiers.World Watering Can. Just like how plants need water, care and attention, so do humans. Think of it like watering your communities with positive energy, encouragement, care and attention. 

Want us to show up at your space with get-everyone-together activities? Email us at hello@weareuprisers.

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