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UPRISERS | Holiday Lineup '19

’Tis the season for Holiday Pop-Ups and organizations we’re donating to!
We’re excited to spend the rest of the year with you.

See where we will be poppin' up.

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UPRISERS | Small Business Saturday

In honor of  Small Business Saturday, we wanted to honor a few of the small businesses within our community that are absolutely killing it. We spoke with the masterminds behind CropsticksCafe Dulce and The Things We Do and learned about their philosophy behind their businesses and why it is important to support small businesses. 

More on rise stories.

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Rise Edit | More Knowledge Less Fear

In collaboration with the team from Noledge Productions, we created their first capsule collection based on the message: MORE KNOWLEDGE LESS FEAR. They aim to inspire you and inspire our fellow creatives to keep shooting for opportunities that are bigger and better.

Rise Edit shows you the inside story and why Noledge is more than just your average production company.

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Rise Edit | Cool Asians Doing Cool Things

In collaboration and annual celebration of #MagandangMorenx with Asia Jackson, we created a capsule collection and zine based on the message: it's okay to be different. There is beauty in all shades. No one can tell us who we they think we should be. No one can tell us who we are.

Rise Edit shows you a sneak peak into the campaign and Zine.

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Rise Edit | Sumi Oshima

“Dance has become a form of expression and a method of sharing how I feel with everyone around me.”

View the rest of the Rise Edit with #SYTYCD Season 16 Dancer and Upriser.

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We recently spoke with Upriser Yusuke Aizawa, a very talented musician who was one of the original cast members on Netflix’s Terrace House: Aloha State. We talked about his experience on the show, hobbies, and his aspiration to positively impact the others through music. Read More

UPRISERS | Mark Redito

We spoke with LA-based musician Mark Redito about his newest album Neutropical, merch line with Uprisers, and his overall journey and growth as an artist.  Read More


We sat down with MILCK, a musician, creator of the #ICANTKEEPQUIET movement and our co-host for our first #GoodTimesBenefit event. She talks about community and what the future is now means to her. Read More
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