What to Look Forward to at the August Family Market

Aug 02, 2022UPRS Team

Hint: Hate Is A Virus is on the guest list.

The best way to savor the last bits of summer, as far as good vibes are concerned, is by hanging out at the Family Market. And great news, the upcoming open shop is Saturday, Aug. 13th. 

This month’s theme is highlighting Hate Is A Virus, a movement started in 2020 to amplify, educate and activate the AAPI community to stand for justice in solidarity with other communities. The origins of Hate Is A virus was an immediate response to the hate and racism faced by the AAPI community from the onslaught of the pandemic. 

While two years have passed since, there’s much to celebrate and greater heights to be unveiled. Holding space for the collective work, we hope to place the voices of our community front and center, and further empower the work in progress. 

Join us and hang out with the prominent voices of the Hate Is A Virus community to discuss, learn and enjoy a soul-filling Saturday. Also, cop yourself Hate Is A Virus merch as a treat! 100% of net proceeds will directly benefit Hate Is A Virus.