Uprisers University Collection Launches Nationwide at PacSun with Asia Jackson | UPRISERS®WORLD

Dec 30, 2021Christine Kim
Uprisers University Collection Launches Nationwide at PacSun with Asia Jackson | UPRISERS®WORLD

Barrier-breaking activist, actor and content creator Asia Jackson’s latest endeavor with UPRISERS – Know History, Know Self. 





Dec. 2021 | Issue 01 | University Updates

By Christine Kim


Welcome back, Uprisers! Uprisers University Fall ‘21 is in session. Hope you had a fun and restful summer break – now some of us are still adjusting to these halls, but you’ll get back into your study groove in no time. 


Get ready because we heard there’s exciting events happening this year: get your latest updates on @weareuprisers, don’t shy away from club rush booths, and let’s make this year one to remember. Pro tip: make sure to pre-order your textbooks before we have the week-three rush at the bookstore (don’t need a repeat of last year).  



We all know Uprisers University is a community of like-minded folks who engage in nuanced conversations, empower others to speak their truths and influence a more inclusive future – one that raises the collective standard. This year, our class president Asia Jackson is leading the student body and spearheading conversations. With her delicate approach to storytelling paired with her African American and Filipino heritage, she dives into unvalued but nonetheless consequential historical narratives, colorism and nuanced perspectives of history – furthering the conversation of what #KnowHistoryKnowSelf means in the 21st century. 


With that being said, here’s the latest from our charismatic, valiant and for-the-people Asia Jackson who is effecting conversation-shifting change through the #KnowHistoryKnowSelf collection at PacSun. As a woman of color, she ultimately knew the significance of creating this collection as a vehicle in creating space to hold redefining discussions and pioneering a future with a bandwidth for more diversity. 


It’s no secret Asia’s six part series is filling up quickly! #KnowHistoryKnowSelf explores her deep ancestral roots, parts of history left out of textbooks and nuanced perspectives on historical events, some episodes include “The Truth About Christopher Columbus,” “The Massacre We Never Learned About,” and “5 Surprising Facts About Pearl Harbor.”




As if it couldn’t get better, UPRISERS x Asia Jackson collection is now available exclusively at PacSun. #KnowHistoryKnowSelf collection features a selection of T-shirts as well as a polo with “Know History Know Self” across the collar, a cozy university-style sweatshirt, and a vintage sweatshirt and sweatpants set.



This semester, we’re diving into the history of underrepresented communities and telling the stories of Changemakers, ones often left out of our education curriculums. With this series, we hope to spark conversations of making education more accessible, committing to cultivating inclusion and encouraging civil discussion. 


We’re thrilled to have you be part of Uprisers University! Take a look at the pieces and join the conversation, we’re reimagining our future – together. 


Know History, Know Self collection is now available on the PacSun website. 

Nationwide in-store locations include: California, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey and North Carolina.



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