UPRISERS Family Market is returning for its second year in a row to ComplexCon 2022.

Nov 19, 2022UPRS Team

UPRISERS Family Market is returning for its second year in a row to ComplexCon. In 2021 when ComplexCon returned to being an in real life event the future felt so uncertain but our present day struggles were painfully clear. The global pandemic had accelerated the impact of inequity on underrepresented communities. And despite the struggles we faced as individuals we discovered that we needed to rise up to the occasion and show up for our community as best we can.


At the core of UPRISERS has been our leadership in Michelle K. Hanabusa, born and raised in Los Angeles who traces her lineage back to Japan and Okinawa. Her vision of creating a safe space for the community to advocate for change attracted partnerships with legacy businesses such as Panda Express and surf brand pioneer PacSun. 2 years after UPRISERS first launched they received an invitation to join ComplexCon but they didn’t show up alone, they brought an entire community with them — extending its invitation to 11 Asian owned businesses to showcase alongside their Family Market concept and activation. The goal was not just to show up as one of the only Asian American female owned and operated streetwear brands, but to authentically use the platform to take up space with their message:


but to strategically use the platform to take up space with their message ‘What You Wear Is What You Represent’. By being champions of one another, we can collectively reimagine our world and celebrate changemakers.


As a woman and AAPI led streetwear brand UPRISERS is dedicated to uplifting and amplifying underrepresented voices and stories. UPRISERS contributes to this documentation of American culture through the lens of Asian American history and will continue to expand its storytelling through fashion in collaboration with trusted voices from underrepresented communities.  


Last year we said to move forward, we must take a look back. In our inaugural ComplexCon collection ‘Roots’ our campaign explored how our past shapes our identity. Our influences are our parents and our content is our family history and cultural heritage. This year we’ve connected those childhood lessons from our elders to our present day resilience in the face of global events. No individual or brand is ready to solve the issues plaguing our communities alone but UPRISERS did not hesitate in addressing the difficult conversations needed to be had within and across our communities. Whether it was refusing to water down our culture with Chef Tway or destigmatizing mental health in partnership with PacSun, addressing colorism with Asia Jackson, or launching a global movement and now non-profit Hate Is A Virus, UPRISERS recognizes that our deliberate choices as creators, leaders, and doers, can drive conversation and change in our communities little by little. Everyday we champion one another. We can collectively reimagine our world and we can determine our future.




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