UPRISERS 2021 Reflections

Dec 31, 2021Christine Kim
As 2021 comes to a close, we want to reflect on this monumental year of unforgettable wins and tremendous growth – not only for our team but for our community. Our core value to amplify the stories of the underrepresented experienced new heights this year. The best part? This is only the beginning.


When our community shows up, it goes like this.


Together, we accomplished milestones in 2021. UPRISERS donated over $27k to various organizations: Hate Is A Virus, Filipino Migrant Center, and Kosumosu (a program of Little Tokyo Service Center), and Somebody’s Beloved Fund. We launched 18 campaigns: transparently sharing with you our journey and solidifying our 4 pillars: Peace+Justice, Equality, Sustainability, and Mental Health. We introduced two new pillars this year with our TEE2.0 upcycling initiative with @rewildergoods for Sustainability and It*s OK campaign for Mental Health (coming v soon!👀).


Through our collaborations with extraordinary creators including Tway, Asia Jackson, and Hollis Wong-Wear for Grace Lee Boggs, we amplified and highlighted community voices and orgs like Harold Hunter Foundation, Filipino Migrant Center, We Love Leimert, Mike Murase, Karen Korematsu, and many more.



1. UPRISERS @ ComplexCon

UPRISERS Family Market. Where nostalgia-meets-modern market with asian snacks, memories in the CCTV-esque photo booth, and we also raised over $1k for the Filipino Migrant Center in Long Beach, CA.



2. UPRISERS @ Complexland2.0

Roots. This capsule was designed to inspire individuals to explore their own unique personal identity by connecting to their family roots.



3. Tway x UPRISERS Capsule Drop

Where we expanded on our core value to uplift and amplify underrepresented stories. We are proud to elevate her unapologetically unique story.



4. Kemio x Private Policy x UPRISERS gives back to Hate Is A Virus

We joined forces to deliver this summer essential unisex T-shirt. 100% of the proceeds benefit the non profit Hate Is A Virus.



5. Reimagine Everything with Hollis x UPRISERS

A collection to honor the Legacy of Grace Lee Boggs who was a human rights activist who fought for civil, labor, feminist, and environmental rights.



6. Uprisers University #KnowHistoryKnowSelf @ PacSun

Diving deeper into parts of our history so we can decolonize our future.



7. PacSun x UPRISERS Collections

All about sharing designs that provoke conversations about community action, equality, and justice.



8. Tee2.0: Upcycling with Rewilder x UPRISERS

A collaboration between UPRISERS and Rewilder, a sustainable design company that revives the obsolete into one-of-a-kind objects. upcycling old tees in a new fashion.



9. Imperfect Items: No tee is left behind!

Selling goods that are still wearable but with slight damage! We don’t want anything to go to waste!




Community impact made possible because of our incredible community. We wouldn’t be here without your voice, your story, your commitment to create change. Looking forward to 2022 ❤️


Thank you for making all our favorite moments possible. We’ve handpicked our favorite moments from this year – let’s recap what we achieved together.


Note to our community: Our collective work requires 100% of our participation, it’s okay to check-in with yourself and prioritize your mental wellness.