UPRISERS 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Dec 02, 2020Christine Kim

We hand picked our favorite small businesses for the ultimate one-stop guide for you!





Who wouldn't want to stand-up for a cause in style. UPRISERS is the perfect gift for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters. It's the one-stop shop for stylish pieces from T-shirts, Hoodies, to full sets. Each design is an eye-catching conversation starter– we help break the ice for talks on what you're passionate about.







If you're looking for a new specialty coffee blend Nguyen Coffee Supply has just what you're looking for! Their blends include arabica and robusta beans straight from Vietnam to Brooklyn. Pick up one.. or all.. of their signature blends "Moxy," Loyalty," and "Truegrit" – talk about in-your-face names.






One Culture noodle cups and flavorful sauces are must-have kitchen items! For those who love bold, delicious Asian noodle dishes it'd be a crime not to try their full set: Chinese Chicken, Japanese Spicy Ramen, Japanese Miso Ramen, Vietnamese Beef Pho, Taiwanese Beef and Thai Spicy Tom Yum. Is your mouth watering yet?






This is the perfect intersection of creativity and faith. Alabaster Co. offers imagery, design and craftsmanship into each book of the Bible. Who wouldn't love to deepen their faith while having a visually beautiful reading experience.






Time to add new dope, fresh pieces to your wardrobe. Ellerali collections are for those who are up for the challenge to make a bold statement. The head-turning upcycled apparel goes beyond fashion and is committed to spread awareness to be more mindful of the environment.






It's time for a glow up. Rosen offers cleaner, more thoughtful skincare for acne-prone skin. If you're tired of testing over the counter skincare routines that aren't showing results, it's switch-skincare-routine o'clock. They're not here to play games. They're fully dedicated to being transparent about the ingredients in their product.






Golde is the one-stop destination for superfoods from face masks to smoothie boosters. Getting healthy and living your best life shouldn't be a hassle, Golde makes it easy, accessible and fun. This is the ideal gift for superfood lovers.






Orcé Cosmetics is switching the standard of beauty. Their high-performance cosmetics line is for women of every skin tone to feel celebrated and seen. Check your contacts list for your friends who are bold, confident and unstoppable women and gift them with Orcé Cosmetics!






Looking for high quality, unique, hand-made products? Mori is the quintessential hub to discover one-of-a-kind goods all made by Hawaii artists and creators. Buying your favorite pieces while supporting local designers and creatives, it's a win-win situation.






MLO is an American based company that is 100% minority owned. Their goal is to give back with every pair of shoes they sell and have donated to multiple causes.