Give Us Your Trash – Upcycling TEE2.0!

Jun 04, 2022UPRS Team
Give Us Your Trash – Upcycling TEE2.0!
What happens when Rewilder, BLANK and UPRISERS are in the same room? We reimagine possibilities with TEE2.0!

Our community knows we sweat the small stuff: from ideation, design to storytelling, we highly value each step and authenticate its alignment with our DNA. This was the case with the TEE2.0! collaboration with Rewilder – and truthfully, this collection required more attention, but for good reason. Taking trash and experimenting the reimagined possibilities with a design-first approach, our teams had a microscopic view of the upcycling alchemy. Needing nothing new and producing zero waste, TEE2.0! helps us move closer to a closed-loop system. 

On June 4, we have the opportunity to showcase the collection at an immersive art, food and fashion exhibit at the Chinatown, DTLA space, Reberry, hosted by innovative and sustainability platform BLANK, a multidisciplinary company bridging the gap between sustainable solution and expression – specifically within art, food and fashion sectors. The exhibit is what happens when culture, fashion and sustainability collides – we reimagine the possibilities for the future. It’s exploring effective sustainable solutions without having to ditch design, quality and relevance. 

Join us and our friends: @rewildergoods, a sustainable design company; @moffattakadiwa, a Contemporary African Artist; @mychefnate, a Los Angeles-based chef; and @__blankofficial__, a multidisciplinary company.  

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