PACSUN Feature | Her music is all the positive vibes we need in this lifetime

Feb 23, 2021Christine Kim
PACSUN Feature | Her music is all the positive vibes we need in this lifetime

The rising Puerto-Rican singer-rapper Nohemy is an inspiration. She uses her musical talents to spread a positive message.


From her charismatic voice to her energetic beats and everything in between, there's a radiance to Nohemy. It goes deeper than just musical entertainment, it's in the way she carries herself. She knows her purpose and exactly how she wants her music to impact her audience.


Continuing to release new music, Nohemy is kicking off the new year with another drop "Infiel." (Thank you for blessing our playlists.) Prior to the new single, her music videos on Youtube rack thousands of views. Her most popular song "Lo Peor de Ti" has over 4 million views.


In our conversation with Nohemy, she candidly talks about life experiences that shaped her and the ambitions for how she'll continually use music as a platform to reflect who she is as an artist. Continue reading to discovery her extraordinary story.


UPRISERS: How did your partnership with UPRISERS begin? What was your first event?

Nohemy: I actually got to meet her [Michelle K. Hanabusa] through my manager. As soon as I got the clothes I fell in love with the product and the message behind every product.
The first event, when I really got to know UPRISERS, was when I did the 2020 Census. I got to perform and be apart of it. From there I really got to connect with UPRISERS and their line and further our relationship.


It's very important, especially in a year like 2020, to have communities involved. How significant is it for you to advocate and bring awareness? How does it parallel your music and brand?

It was very important because understanding that change comes through us as individuals and in unity. It's very important that I use my platform not just for music, you know, but also as a voice to bring a light to those things that are important to make the world we’re in a better place.

Everything that I write about are things that are relatable and things that always at the end have a positive message. I feel like if we are always focused on the important things it's going to make us better as individuals, as a community. Those are the things that I'm very passionate about and it’s an honor to do so throughout my music and now with clothes.


There's a radiance when it comes to your music, was there a source of inspiration or experience that shaped you into the person you are today?

Yeah, I think we all have that. If it's not a person, it's something within us that always motivates and inspires us. In my case, it will be my brother who passed away. He was handicapped. He didn't walk or talk. We had to feed him through a tube. Even though he had his difficulties, he would smile every day. He never had a sad energy.


We have the power of moving, having a voice, walking, and doing things; yet, somehow complain about little things. Living with him my entire life, until he passed away, it really showed me that there’s no excuse. Complaining is not a thing. I try to bring light and a positive message to everybody that I touch because obviously we all go through things in life, difficult moments, which they are necessary to make us grow, but understanding that there is always a reason to smile and something to be grateful for.




If there is a message you would like your music to provide, what would that message include?

It doesn't matter how difficult life gets, there's always a way out and there's always a better day ahead.


What are you looking forward to the most for the PacSun launch?

Throughout this collection, I guess everything that represents Nohemy is what represents UPRISERS as well. I feel like what we have in common is sending a message through art and in this case it will be through the clothing line. So I feel like it's going to be super dope. When people see these images and the clothing line at the stores, they're going to definitely feel an impact as soon as they walk in and they read the messages because like I said: everything is done with a purpose. I feel like that's why this project is so special. I'm hoping that this line that is now going to launch in PacSun has the same impact as when I first received my first package from UPRISERS.