Feb 28, 2024Kari Okubo


Who are you and what do you do?

I am Connie Lim. My artist name is MILCK and I am a musician based out of Los Angeles. I am also the creator of the #ICANTKEEPQUIET movement.


Tell us a little about this event and what made you want to be a part of it?

Today is going to be a gathering of the Los Angeles Community with a bunch of artists and activists who are fundraising money and awareness for three local organizations that are providing relief for migrant families at the border. 

I wanted to get involved with this event not only because I love the people who are organizing the event like Michelle and Hollis, but I also love Uprisers as a company. I’ve worn the Uprisers t-shirts and just feel really cool when I do. The thing that really excites me about this event is that we are building community and we are putting action behind our concerns for the community. 

The issue of migrant families at the border is a very complex issue and sometimes it is easy to think about this issue as “us vs. them” but there is such a nuance that we need to consider and it is good for us to gather and take time to think about these human beings that are being impacted by their own politics in other countries because we are all connected. 


One of Upriser’s mantra is “The Future is Now”, how is that applicable in the context of this event? 

The Future is Now is really special because we create the futures that we want to see and what we focus on expands so at this moment, if I am focusing on hate, then that can expand for the future. So when I think of The Future is Now, I think of my ability to focus on the fact that I want right now, a word with tolerance and peace and humanity so that if I focus on that now, that is more likely to be the future. 


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