A Message from the UPRISERS Team

Jun 02, 2020Uprisers World

Our UPRISERS team wanted to share a few words about our thoughts on what is going on in the world today. We understand the very nuances of the world's events and how these issues do not just belong to a select few, but to all of us. 


To our UPRISERS family, 

There is overwhelming anguish, anger, sadness across America right now which is taking the form in protests. The UPRISERS team is standing in solidarity and advocating to amplify Black voices that need to be heard. 

Our team has decided to take some time to act, reflect, and continue to speak loudly, while focusing our efforts with our members at #HATEISAVIRUS. We want to educate ourselves on how to best support the work organizations like #BlackLivesMatter by thinking about our work in the context of their initiatives and goals.

Our first goal is to educate AAPIs on the history so that we can better inform and equip ourselves to best support our fellow black communities. Here are links below to educate, donate, amplify #BlackLivesMatter. Please also visit the Hate Is A Virus website: hateisavirus.world/faq or socials to learn more on direct strategic and tangible support for BLM and protestors. 

It's our responsibility to speak out against injustice so we encourage you, UPRISERS, to use your voices and call forth the change that you want to see in your communities and in the world. 



Michelle K. Hanabusa
Kari Okubo
Saúl López 
Andre Darville
Kelly Hanabusa
Justin Choe
Jo Choi
Reinhardt Kenneth
Lyndsey Chu
Elliot Fan





#BlackLivesMatter Graphic created by Kelly Hanabusa