Introducing Trailblazing Prosecutor-turned-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

Introducing Trailblazing Prosecutor-turned-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

by Christine Kim

Kamala Harris has spent the last two decades notching up a long list of firsts: the first Black woman to be elected district attorney in California history, first woman to be California's attorney general, first Indian American senate, and now the first Black woman and first Asian American Vice President-elect.


Although she has several firsts under her belt, she understands the responsibility to not be the last. This appreciation comes from her roots, which in many ways embodies and reflects our culturally fluid and racially blended nation. She is heavily inspired by her mother an Indian immigrant and renowned breast cancer researcher Shyamala Gopalan, who was politically active during the civil rights movement. (It's been revealed she attended movements in a stroller.)



Like mother like daughter: they break barriers so more people have the opportunity to walk through the door.


This is our Madam Vice President: self-assured and leading by her own merits.





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